If you want to establish a unit or discretionary trust, this type of business structure must be formed by a Trust Deed. Quick Laws can help you to quickly and easily create your Trust Deed online in just minutes.  

The Quick Laws Online Trust Deed customises the documents that you need establish a trust. The online kit also includes other essential documents such as unit trust records and unit trust certificate, together with simple to follow signing instructions.

Our online fact-finding questionnaire helps you to customise the Deed to the specific needs of your trust. We make it easy and guide you through every step of the way!

All you have to do is answer the questions in our simple online form and your Deed is available for instant download in a Word document that is easy to edit. Quick Laws can help you to get this important legal document at a fraction of the cost of seeing a Lawyer.

Get everything that you need to set up your trust online in one easy to use kit, ready to sign and get started straight away!

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   Establish a trust in 3 simple steps

Step 1. Complete
The simple fact-finding questionnaire. 

Step 2. Download
Instantly download your customised

Step 3. Sign & Submit
Check, print and sign.  


What is a trust?. . .

A trust is an obligation on a person or entity to hold property for the benefit of beneficiraies. Whilst strictly speaking a trust is a relationship and not a separate legal entity, trusts are treated as a business structure for tax and other purposes.

What is a unit trust?. . .

A unit trust allows unitholders to fixed entitlements to capital and income from the assets of the trust. These fixed rights give certainty to the relationship.

What is a discretionnary trust? . . .

A discretionary trust is commonly used as a business structure for a single family. Distribution of income and capital is more flexible with this type of trust.

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