It's up to you to decide what kind of matters you want your Attorney to be able to manage on your behalf. The types of matters that you can appoint an Attorney to make are divided into 3 categories:

Financial matters

Some examples of financial and property matters that an Attorney may deal with include:

  • paying maintenance and accommodation costs for you and your dependants
  • carrying on your trade or business
  • paying your debts or expenses
  • discharging your mortgage
  • legal matters relating to your
  • finances and property.

Medical and health care matters

This means a health care or medical matter. Some examples of a medical matter may include:

  • consenting to lawful medical treatment necessary for your wellbeing
  • withdrawing from or refusing medical treatment  
  • consenting to treatment for mental illness (other than electroconvulsive therapy or psychiatric surgery)
  • legal matters relating to health care.

Personal and lifestyle matters

This means a matter concerning your lifestyle, personal care or welfare, but not a health care or medical matter. This includes:

  • Where and who you live with
  • Whether you work and, if so, the kind and place of work and the employer
  • What education or training you undertakes
  • Whether you apply for a licence or permit;
  • Day-to-day issues, including, for example, diet and dress;
  • Whether to consent to a forensic examination
  • Some healthcare matters
  • A legal matter not relating to financial or property matters.

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