Consent Orders kit


Consent Orders kit


Draft your own Consent Orders and save thousands in legal fees. Save time, money and stress with this simple to use kit.

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What's included?
✔︎ Consent Orders Application form
✔︎ Proposed Orders template
✔︎ Wording for Proposed Orders
✔︎ Easy to complete
✔︎ Completed examples
✔︎ Step by step instructions
✔︎ Simple explanations of the law
✔︎ Worksheets, checklist, plus more!



About this kit

Use the Quick Laws Consent Orders kit to easily draft your own Family Law Court Orders. Have the Orders formalised in the Court, without the assistance of a Lawyer and save thousands in legal fees.

Working out fair and reasonable arrangements about property and children can be difficult for families during a divorce or separation. If you and your spouse or partner have reached an agreement about minor children and/or property of the relationship after a separation, then you can apply to the Court to have these arrangements formalised in a document called Consent Orders. This kit can help you to avoid family court litigation and save time, money and stress.

Get all the information, forms, template letters, worksheets, instructions and a checklist. Our kit is up-to-date with all the latest court procedures. 

* Applies to all states and territories except Western Australia. If you are in Western Australia, please see Consent Orders for WA residents. 

The Consent Orders kit will help you to understand important issues during this process like:

    •    When consent orders can and cannot be sought

    •    Whether a de facto relationship exists

    •    Whether you can apply for consent orders as a de facto -  "gateway" requirements

    •    How to draft property and financial orders

    •    How to collect information about superannuation and draft splitting orders

    •    How to draft parenting orders - covers a range of children's issues

    •    Requirements for spousal maintenance

    •    Relevant parts of the Family Law Act 1975 - summary and complete provisions

What's in this kit? 

Get everything you need to apply for Consent Orders yourself, including:

Consent Orders Application kit - Fill-in-the-blanks Form - Word
Application form required to apply for Consent Orders together with step-by-step instructions. 

Proposed Orders template - Fill-in-the-blanks template - Word
Court accepted format with simple wording to use for financial and parenting orders. Easy to complete. Completed examples of Orders included. 

Also includes:

  • Credit card payment form

  • Application for exemption of fee - general

  • Application for exemption of fee - financial hardship

  • Superannuation kit

  • Template letters, worksheets and a checklist

  • Access to a dedicated Consent Orders page with all the forms and regular updates.

DIY Consent Orders - How does it work?

1.    CLICK BUTTON: Press the orange download button
2.   PAYMENT: Enter your personal information and credit card details on a secure payment page. 
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Common Questions about Consent Orders

Consent Orders are agreements made between separated or divorced couples that have been formalised by the Family or Federal Magistrate's Court. Consent orders can be used to make agreements about the care of children, for the division of property or for ongoing maintenance for a husband or wife. Consent Orders have the same legal effect as an order made after a Court hearing.

Consent Orders are final and once made, it's very difficult to overturn or vary the orders. The Court encourages families to reach an agreement about issues relating to property and minor children after a family breakdown. The Court recommends that separated or divorced couples read the brochure 'Marriage, Separation and Divorce' before applying for divorce and when seeking Consent Orders through the Courts.

The Family Courts can formalise arrangements between couples about parenting and children's issues, such as who the child(ren) is to live with or which parent will financially/emotionally support the child. Property settlement, including division or transfer of real estate, motor vehicles, superannuation or other items of value and spousal maintenance, such as an agreement can be made to pay a lump sum or ongoing payments to one spouse.

Consent Orders are a good option because couples can apply for the Consent Orders themselves without actually having to go to Court or obtaining legal representation. Because the agreement is formalised by the Courts, you can be assured that the Consent Order is final and binding. This is because the circumstances in which either party may apply to set aside the Consent Order or change any provisions within the Consent Order are limited.

Consent Orders and a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) are different documents, though they may contain similar subject matter. Both contain agreements in relation to a former relationship about matters such as the division of property or ongoing care and maintenance of minor children. In some circumstances, both options may be available. With a BFA, both you and your former or future partner must obtain indpendent legal advice. There is no similar requirement for Consent Orders for it to be legally binding.

Yes, you can include orders about spousal maintenance. A party to a marriage is liable to maintain the other party, to the extent that the first-mentioned party is reasonably able to do so, if, and only if, that other party is unable to support herself or himself adequately.

Do I need to see a Lawyer? . . .

Our Consent Orders kits are designed for straight-forward situations, where separated or divorced couples want to transfer or sell their matrimonial home and make other financial agreements between them legally binding, without incurring the significant costs of obtaining formal legal representation. There is no specific requirement to seek formal legal advice, however, it is important that you understand the terms of the orders you are seeking. If you do not understand the terms then it's recommended that you seek formal legal advice. The Consent Orders kit is not a substitute for and should not be relied upon as legal advice.


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