Consent Orders kit

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Consent Orders kit


If you and your spouse or partner have reached an agreement about minor children and/or property of the relationship after a separation, then you can apply to the Court to have these arrangements formalised in a document called Consent Orders. You can use the Consent Orders kit to easily draft your own agreement and have the agreement formalised in the Court, without the assistance of a Lawyer and save thousands in legal fees. 

What's included?
✔︎ Consent orders application form
✔︎ Minutes of Consent template
✔︎ Wording for orders
✔︎ Easy to complete
✔︎ Completed examples
✔︎ Step by step instructions
✔︎ Simple explanation of the law


What's in this kit?

Get everything you need to apply to the Court to formalise your financial or parenting agreement. The kit includes the following:

Consent Orders Application kit - Easy to edit & complete - Word
Application form required to apply for Consent Orders together with step-by-step instructions. 

Minutes of Consent Orders template - Easy to edit & complete - Word
Court accepted form with simple to understand wording to use for financial and parenting orders. 


  1. Download the forms; 
  2. Save to your computer;
  3. Complete the forms following the instructions;
  4. Submit the forms and pay the fee ($160 as at July 2016). 


Common Questions about Consent Orders

Consent orders can contain agreements in relation to:

  • Financial matters
  • Parenting matters
  • Spousal maintenance

Consent Orders may be sought by separated or divorced couples who:

  • Have agreed on the matters set out above and want to formalise these agreements
  • Would like to avoid litigation in Court to determine the matters set out above
  • Are in the middle of litigation but have come to an agreement on the matters set out above and want to avoid further litigation
  • May have inadequate financial means to conduct litigation in the Courts.

Consent Orders do not apply in relation to:

  • Property settlement between de facto couples (exception: unless there are children of the relationship and the Orders sought also relate to those children).
  • Spousal maintenance in relation to a de facto relationship
  • Child maintenance orders for children who are under 18 years of age who were born after 1 October 1989 or whose parents separated after that date (this does not include arrangements for the care of children)

If you were married, then these arrangements should be made within 1 year of your Divorce becoming final. If you were in an eligible de facto relationship, the time limit to apply for is within 2 years of the relationship breakdown.

An overview of the procedure for Consent Orders is as follows:

  1. Agree with your former spouse or partner on issues relating to property and children;
  2. Draft Minutes of Consent Orders based on the arrangements (templates included with our packages);
  3. Complete the Consent orders application Form;
  4. File the Minutes of Consent and application form with the Family Court or Federal Magistrate's Court (include a copy of the marriage certificate); and
  5. The Court formalises the Orders.

How much does it cost?

The Consent Orders kit is $59. This includes all the templates and forms you need to complete the application and draft the agreement yourself. The Personalised Consent Orders costs $129 and automatically generates your completed Consent Consent Orders kit. The court fee to lodge the application for Consent Orders is $160 (as at July 2016). This is subject to change.



- Consent Orders application
- Minutes of Consent
- Step-by-step guidance
- information booklet
- Affidavit kit
- Unlimited customer service support

- Ready to sign
- Step-by-step instructions
- Financial hardship application
- Affidavit kit
- Unlimited customer service support