Will kit

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Will kit


Write your own Will with our simple to follow Australian Will kit and save thousands in legal fees. Quick Laws Wills are simple to read, yet comprehensive, with extra provisions to protect your family. The kit is up-to-date and gives your Executor the power to deal with digital assets, such as social media accounts.  

What's included?
✓ Easy to complete templates
✓ Sample Wills
✓ Letter to executor
✓ Inventory of property
✓ Step-by-step instructions
✓ Will instruction video
✓ Makes Wills for 2 people
✓ Comprehensive and up-to-date
✓ Applies Australia wide


Will templates

This kit includes 3 different templates:

  1. Will for a single person 
  2. Wills for couples without children (including de facto couples)
  3. Wills for couples with children (including appointing a Legal Guardian for any minor children). 

Instruction Booklet (PDF) - Simple to follow and easy to read
Information guide and instructions using plain English.  

How does it work?

  1. Download the kit and save to your computer. 
  2. Choose your template and fill in the easy to complete fields (instructions included)
  3. Print and sign in the presence of 2 independent witnesses. 


Common Questions

What is a Will? . . .

A Will is a legal document that sets out how you want your estate to be divided upon your death. A Will also appoints a person to manage your affairs after your death (an Executor). A Will can appoint guardians for your children should something happen to you or your partner.

Why do I need a Will? . . .

If you die without a valid Will, your estate will be divided according to the laws of intestacy, specific to your state or territory. This may exclude persons that you wanted to receive a benefit from your estate after you die. Even if you have a Will in place, you should regularly review it and ensure that it reflects your current wishes. Generally, if you want to update your Will, it's prudent to make a new Will, rather than amend your current Will.

What happens if I don't make a Will? . . .

After you die, the law will decide how your estate will be managed and divided. Usually, your closest living relative will have to apply for a grant of 'Letters of Administration' to be able to manage your estate upon your death. Letters of Administration applications can be costly and complex.

- Step-by-step guidance
- General and Enduring POA
- Enduring Guardianship
- Unlimited customer service support
- Information booklet

- Specific to your state/territory
- Ready to sign
-Step-by-step guidance
- Handy wallet card
- Unlimited customer service support