Debt Agreement kit


Debt Agreement kit


 What's included?
✓ Debt agreement proposal
✓ Application form
✓ Step-by-step instructions
✓ Simple explanation of the law
✓ Formal and informal options
Does not include Court or government fees



Make your own debt agreement with creditors and get a fresh start with this simple to use kit. Learn how to draft your debt agreement proposal and get your creditors to agree.

A formal debt agreement is an arrangement made under the Bankruptcy Act to repay your debts to creditors, such as an agreement to pay by installments or a reduced lump sum. 

The Debt Agreement kit contains everything that you need to apply for a formal debt agreement yourself, without the assistance of a Lawyer or agent. If you enter into a formal debt agreement, creditors cannot continue to harass you for payment of debts. However, there are also other consequences. 


You can only enter into a formal debt agreement if you earn less than $80,000 a year. You cannot own more than $106,000 worth of assets. These amounts have been rounded up and may change from time to time.  


The Debt Agreement kit contains all the forms you need to make your own debt agreement proposal and application. Also included is an information and instruction guide written in plain English, that explains the laws under the Bankruptcy Act and all formal and informal options to help manage your debt and get back on track. With the Debt Management kit, you can easily prepare your own application and save thousands in legal fees. Please note there is a fee to apply that is not included with the cost of this kit. 

The kit includes the following:

Debt Agreement proposal - easy to edit and fill Word template
Everything you need to lodge your own debt agreement application. Easy to complete forms with instructions to complete.

Debt Management Instruction Guide - simple to read PDF booklet
Learn about the informal and formal options available to you to help manage your debt and get a fresh start. The guide is written in plain language to help you better understand your legal problem. 

Plus other tools to manage your budget, such as template letters to creditors and an excel budget worksheet.


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