Partnership Agreement kit


Partnership Agreement kit


Draft your own partnership agreement with this simple to use kit. Protect the interests of your partnership today.

What's included?
✓ Partnership Agreement templates
✓ General and Limited partnerships
✓ Long and short versions
✓ Termination of partnership agreement
✓ Information booklet
✓ Step by step instructions
✓ Simple explanation of the law
✓ Checklist
✓ Registration forms



A partnership is where 2 or more persons operate a business as co-owners with a view to profit. If you are starting a business as a co-owner, then creating a partnership agreement is a crucial step to protect each person's interests. Without such an agreement in place, misunderstandings and disputes may arise. Having a signed agreement in place can offer protection to the owners and help clarify issues relating to the duties and powers of each owner. 

The kit will help you to take care of the essential matters when forming your partnership and create a solid partnership agreement. It explains the template agreement clause-by-clause and helps you to customise your own partnership agreement according to your particular business needs. 

A partnership agreement is important for a successful business relationship. Don’t miss this essential step, or you may run into problems later. 

This kit will help you to:

  • Choose the right legal structure for your business;

  • Choose the right type of partnership;

  • Draft your partnership agreement;

  • Ensure agreement between all of the partners; and

  • Sign your agreement.


Some of the main issues covered in the guide include (but are not limited to):

  • What is a partnership?

  • How a partnership is formed

  • Costs of forming a partnership

  • Choosing the right legal structure

  • Advantages and disadvantages of a partnership structure

  • Different types of partnerships

  • Partnership requirements

  • Drafting your partnership agreement

  • Termination of a partnership


The kit includes the following:

General partnership Agreement templates (short and long versions) - Fill-in-the-blanks (Word doc)
This easy to customise template sets out the basic terms required for a partnership agreement where there are many partners. 

Limited partnership Agreement templates - Fill-in-the-blanks (Word doc)
Includes templates for limited partnerships and incorporated limited partnerships. 

Instruction Guide - simple to read PDF booklet
Learn about how to form a valid partnership, the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership structure, and more. The guide is written in plain language to help you better understand your legal problem. 

Also included is a termination of partnership agreement template and partnership checklist. 


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