Termination of Partnership Agreement template


Termination of Partnership Agreement template


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Termination of Partnership Agreement

A partnership is where 2 or more persons operate a business as co-owners. If one co-owner wants to leave a partnership, but other co-owners want to continue the partnership, then creating an agreement for the outgoing partner is important in order to protect each person's interests. Without such an agreement in place, disputes may arise in the future. Having a signed agreement in place can offer protection to the owners and help to clarify issues relating to the duties and powers of each owner in the event of a dissolution of the partnership. 

The termination of partnership agreement template will help you to set out the essential terms and conditions for a partner leaving the partnership. Don’t skip this essential step, or you may run into major problems later.

What's Included?

Termination of Partnership Agreement Template Word - Fill-in-the-blanks
This template sets out the basic terms required for the dissolution of a partnership. 

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