Website terms and conditions


Website terms and conditions


What’s included?
✔︎ Website terms of use
✔︎ Refund policy
✔︎ Privacy policy
✔︎ Repair and replace warranty
✔︎ Satisfaction guarantee
✔︎ Simple to understand
✔︎ Instant download


Website terms and conditions

If you have an e-commerce store or other website, it's important to set out standard terms and conditions that comply with consumer laws. These templates will help your business to clearly set out terms that are consistent with consumer law in a way that is simple to understand for both you and the customer.  

Important terms are covered, such as terms of use, privacy policies, refund and repair policies and more. 

What's included?

Website terms and conditions templates Word - Fill-in-the-blanks
Template terms and conditions for use when you have a published website or e-commerce store. Includes terms of use, warranties, privacy policy, refund policy and satisfaction guarantee. 

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