Probate kit (NT)


Probate kit (NT)


Get everything you need for a simple probate application in the Northern Territory. Save time, money and stress with this easy to use kit.

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What's included?
✔︎ Probate application forms
✔︎ Fill-in-the-blanks (Word)
✔︎ Specific wording for common issues
✔︎ Completed sample
✔︎ Step-by-step instructions (PDF)
✔︎ Simple explanation of the law
✔︎ Template letters


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If you have been named as an Executor of a someone's Will and that person passes away, then you may have to obtain a Grant of Probate before you can deal with their assets.

The Quick Laws probate kit explains how to handle a simple estate and apply for probate in the Courts, without a lawyer. The updated edition includes all the latest laws, processes, forms, template letters and court procedures. 


This kit includes all the Supreme Court accepted and easy to complete forms that you need get Probate if you have been named as an Executor to a Will in the Northern Territory. 

Probate application kit - Word templates - easy to edit and complete
All the accepted Supreme Court forms that you need to apply for probate of a Will in New South Wales. Includes the wording that you need for the advertisement and application. Includes template letters. 

Instruction Booklet - PDF - simple to follow instructions and completed example.


The information guide contained in the kit covers some of the following issues:

  • When all the Executors to the Will are not applying

  • Multiple Executors applying

  • Explaining different names or changes to addresses

  • An Executor predeceased the deceased

  • When the deceased married or divorced after making the Will.


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What is probate?. . .

Probate is the authority given by the Court that allows an Executor of a Will to deal with a deceased's assets. Probate is not always but is usually required. There is no law that says an Executor has to get probate. However, most institutions need this before they can allow someone to deal with the property of a deceased person. If property is held in joint names, then probate is not required as title automatically passes to one owner if the other owner dies.

How do I get probate?. . .

The Executors need to submit an 'Application for Probate,' together with the original Will to the Court.

Amongst other things, like arranging the funeral, you will need to get probate before you can manage the deceased's estate, such as accessing bank accounts or transferring property. You need to carry out the deceased's wishes as set out in the Will as soon as possible.

Can I get Probate if I am not the Executor named in the Will? . . .

No. You must be one of the Executor(s) named in a valid Will to get Probate. If you are not one of the Executor(s) but you are the closest living relative, you may still be able to obtain an authority to manage the estate. This type of authority is called a grant of Letters of Administration.


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