Probate kit (TAS)

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Probate kit (TAS)


The Quick Laws probate kit explains how to handle a simple estate and apply for probate in the Courts, without a lawyer. The updated edition includes all the latest laws, processes, forms and court procedures. 

What's included?
✔︎  Probate Application forms
✔︎  Easy to edit (Word)
✔︎  Wording for common issues
✔︎  Step-by-step instructions (PDF)
✔︎  Simple explanation of the law
✔︎  Completed sample

Version 3, Last updated September 2017



If you have been named as an Executor of a someone's Will and that person passes away, then you may have to obtain a Grant of Probate before you can deal with their assets.

Use this kit to get everything you need to complete and submit an application for probate to the Supreme Court of Tasmania.


This kit includes all the Supreme court accepted and easy to complete forms required to obtain a grant of probate in Tasmania. 

Probate kit - Word templates - easy to edit, simple to complete fields with instructions
All the accepted and up-to-date Supreme Court forms that you need to apply for probate of a Will. 

Step-by-Step Instruction Guide - PDF Booklet -simple to follow, with completed sample application. 
A guide to handling probate in the Supreme court, written in plain language. 


The information guide contained in the kit covers some of the following issues:

  • When all the Executors to the Will are not applying
  • Explaining different names or changes to addresses
  • Issues with Executors
  • Issues with the Will
  • Issues with the date of death


  1. Download and save to your computer
  2. Complete the documents following the instructions
  3. Print and sign
  4. Submit to the Court and pay the Court fee. 


Common Questions

It is recommended that a a legal notice be published in a newspaper, which circulates in the area where the deceased last lived. Though this is not a legal requirement. Our kit includes the wording required for the notice.

Is an Inventory of Assets and Liabilities required?. . .

Yes. An affidavit which lists the assets and liabilities of the deceased is required (our kit includes the Inventory template). An estimate of the value is only needed and formal valuations are not required.

Can I lodge my application by post?. . .

Yes. Probate applications can be lodged by post. You can also lodge applications in person.

How much is it to file for probate?. . .

The probate filing fees (as at July 2016) are: If the estate is: Less than $50,000 $150.00 Between $50,000 - $249,000 $400.00 Equal or more than $250,000 $750.00


"Completing documents is so easy with Quick Laws!" - Robyn, NSW

"The Court accepted the documents the first time, with no issues. Thank you. It was so easy. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!" - Ana, Vic. 

"I was really impressed with how easy it was to follow your guidance and prepare the documents required for probate." - Keith, SA. 

"This is certainly a great service." - Cristina, NSW.

"So helpful and understanding and extremely patient." - Bec, NSW. 

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